Nanoxidil VS Minoxidil

Nanoxidil VS Minoxidil
1. What is the difference between minoxidil and nanoxidil?
Nanoxidil is the newer compound, built around a molecule that is structurally similar to minoxidil but with one fewer carbon chain. It has a lower molecular weight and several other advantages. Additional ingredients enhance the activity of Nanoxidil for multiple mechanisms of action.Nanoxidil is the newest member of a class of agents known as ion-channel openers. It delivers outstanding efficacy with a reduced potential for side effects. Few people who experience minoxidil sensitivity, which may include irritation and swelling, are less likely to experience these effects with Nanoxidil.
2. Should I use minoxidil or nanoxidil if I experience hair loss?
While minoxidil and nanoxidil have similar structures, they are not the same molecule, and they behave differently. Plus, no one treatment serves all users since hair loss is a complex problem driven by multiple variables.
Exercise caution if changing therapies. A good rule of thumb is: If you use minoxidil with good results, continue that therapy without interruption; if you have used minoxidil but have not seen the desired results, it is appropriate to try nanoxidil; and if you are just beginning therapy, start with nanoxidil because of its greater potential and fewer side effects.
Users may also apply both minoxidil and nanoxidil for more intensive therapy. You can apply one after the other, twice a day. Alternatively, apply minoxidil morning and night and Nanoxidil in the afternoon.
3. How should Nanoxidil be used?
Like any therapy, consistency is key. It is imperative to maintain a regular dosing schedule without skipping applications. Apply the product whether hair has been washed or not. Massage it into the scalp using fingertips, then wash hands with soap and water.
4. Is Nanoxidil safe?
Spectral.DNC-N, with Nanoxidil, contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory peptides that can improve overall scalp health. During a three-month clinical trial of Nanoxidil with human subjects, no side effects were observed. Instead, volunteers reported that their scalps felt healthier.
Nanoxidil also works effectively as a therapy for men and women who want to maintain existing hair and prevent its loss from beginning.

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